As far as I can remember, my life has revolved
around Photography. I have memories of images
in print, of film and lenses and photo albums. As a
kid I spent a lot of time with my Dad in our B&W lab
at home - a crowded room filled with chemicals where we
made magic. My dad photographed as a hobby, so cameras
were always part of my life. I grew up in Tel Aviv of the 70's with a deep sense
of optimism and happiness. During the first years of my career I worked as a stills
photographer on movie sets in Israel, Europe & the USA. Working on a movie set is
very special. You are part of an intense family like environment, work on location for long
hours and are totally dedicated to the cause and absorbed by the process.  When I became
a mother I chose  to spend my time closer to home and began putting more emphasis on studio work where I made the creative choices of lighting, camera placement and of course "directing my actors". Nowadays I balance my work between photographing special events and creating unique colorful handcrafted photo albums in the Studio/Bindery workshop. Recently I was commissioned to share my knowledge of album making by writing a book. This was a wonderful new experience for me. "HandMade PhotoAlbums" is the result and is available for purchase on Amazon.